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We did it! The Good Place just won Smart Company Australia’s 2020 Community Resilience Award.

Getting recognised for the genuine connections we established during the pitfalls of the COVID-19 hospitality shutdown, on Tuesday, December 15, we took out the top spot for the prestigious national award.

Our co-founder and company director, James McGovern, said the win was just as much a credit to the Sunshine Coast community as it was to us.

“We were only open for two weeks before the nationwide shutdown in March,” he said.

“Being located at a shopping centre with significantly slower foot traffic, we knew takeaways weren’t going to be enough to keep us afloat.”

However, here at The Good Place, we refused to give up.

Through social media and other digital channels, our team reached out to local gym owners, operators and community leaders. We strengthened our bonds through Zoom meetings, online communication and Instagram. Even though we couldn’t open for trade, we still managed to grow our brand presence by focussing on these online connections.

To support gym owners and clients who were no longer able to train in their usual environments, we created a range of healthy ready-meals now known as The Good Feed. These meals were created from the same ethos of our cafe but instead delivered to the homes of people who were keen to continue their health journey throughout lockdown.

Through the dedication of James and his hard-working partner Allias, (a couple who were brand new to the Sunshine Coast), we managed to leave a positive impression on nearly every business, community group, chamber and supplier in the surrounding region (even without trading). An often hard to crack market, we didn’t just embrace the Sunshine Coast community, we created a home for it. Which is ultimately what we were recognised for by Smart Company Australia.

After taking a break from its Smart50 Awards in 2019, Smart Company Australia decided to relaunch its nationwide awards in 2020. A Smart Company spokesperson said they wanted to change their criteria to reflect the harsh conditions of 2020 and in turn celebrate entrepreneurial agility.

“We started to see business growth in different, more complex ways. We understood that for businesses simply trying to survive, growth didn’t have to only mean earning more revenue,” they said.

“We wanted to celebrate the businesses that withstood the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic and spotted new opportunities; that deepened their ties to their communities; that put their people first.”

“There’s something about the Sunshine Coast community that truly appreciates small business and we can see that community has resonated with what The Good Place do.”

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