The Good Group announcements

Welcome to our ‘Good’ community, full of good people doing good things for the world.

Whether you’ve met us at our Kawana cafe, found us online or heard about us through a friend,

we are absolutely thrilled you’re here because we’ve got some exciting news.

We’ve officially launched our range of ready to eat meals branded as The Good Feed! Just like the food at our cafe, The Good Place, our takeaway meals are 100% gluten and refined sugar-free, they are prepared in our kitchen by experienced chefs using only the finest of ingredients. Including ethically raised proteins, sustainably caught seafood and organic GMO-free produce. 


We are different because we care about where our food comes from. In our mission to help our community to become healthier and happier, we’ve realised this can only be achieved by caring about the environment and community that our food comes from. Which is why we choose to only work with sustainable and regenerative local farmers. (Not sure what regenerative farming is? Scroll down to the link at the bottom of the page and we’ll break it down for you). 


As part of this ethos, we’ve also created The Good Forest, an initiative where we pledge to plant a tree for every order of The Good Feed. Which means our healthy meals aren’t just good for you, they’re good for the environment too.

So you can see why we are just a little excited about the launch of these delicious and convenient take-home meals. But don’t just take it from us, try The Good Feed for yourself. You can find them at selected Coles, IGAs and service stations, online at goodfeed.co or in- store at The Good Place Kawana!

the good place healthy restaurant in buddina

Meanwhile, business at The Good Place is feeling a little homelier because we’ve noticed our community growing! 

We officially launched last week, so of course, we had to celebrate with a little welcoming party. On the evening we had Megan and Hamish Andrews from the Forage Farm (our free-range pork suppliers) Sean and Emily Naus from Kai Coffee (our coffee roasters) and Heidi Walker from Walker Seafoods (our seafood suppliers), all present to help celebrate the success of The Good Place and its journey so far. 


Our co-founders Scott Gooding and James McGovern (who you would have seen plenty of times around the cafe) addressed the event, telling the story of The Good Place and our vision for the future.

This is a story our staff just can’t wait to pass onto you in-store. So come join our community and let us tell you about the special work we are doing here on the

Sunshine Coast. 


Get to know our friendly staff and learn about our vision, all whilst enjoying some healthy food and delicious coffee! Trust us you won’t want to leave.

You may hear us get excited about some terms you might not understand like ‘regenerative farming’ or ‘sustainable eating’ (we are so passionate, sometimes we can get carried away). However, luckily we’ve got some great resources to share for all of you wanting to learn more and we will keep these rolling in the weeks to come. 


Scott’s book, The Sustainable Diet, is a practical guide that helps you link together the importance of eating healthy for your own body, in a way that’s also healthy for the environment. This best-selling recipe book is one of nine titles under Scott’s repertoire and it features more than 100 recipes and his top ten strategies for living a healthy lifestyle. If you’re more of a listener than a reader, then check out The Good Podcast on Scott Gooding’s Soundcloud page. In episode one, Scott chats to Rebecca Jolley (mum of 4 children) on her experience with her son (Eli – 7yrs) who was diagnosed with Autism at 3yrs. 


Thrown into a world of therapists and specialists and now on her own journey of self-discovery, and realising the potency of real food and therapeutic supplements and seeing true benefits. Listen to The Good Podcast here.