Revolutionizing the Queensland hospitality scene – there’s an app for that!

The Good Place App

Need lunch in a hurry? Have a 30-minute lunch break and don’t want to waste it waiting in line?

We got you.

(*Drumroll please).

 We are so excited to announce the launch of The Good Place app that’s here to solve those problems, plus give our loyal customers extra value. With our brand new app, you can order ahead, pay on the go, earn points for every dollar spent, access exclusive discounts and promotions and receive credit to spend in store!

Can’t wait till the official launch date on Thursday, January 28? Yeah, neither.

So, if you promise to keep quiet, we’ll tell you a secret… You can actually download the app and start using it right now! A special treat for our mega-fans like you, who keep up to date with all our Good Newsfeed.

We’re even adding a $5 welcome credit to the accounts of all new downlands. So you, our much-loved fans can order a coffee on the go, on us.

Available on Apple App Store as well as Google Play, search for ‘The Good Place Kawana’ and get exploring the features of the app that is set to become your new best friend.

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