Our mission is to deliver true conscious dining right across the country and beyond, and our franchise partners are critical to this mission as the faces and operators of the business. We take our franchise selection criteria very seriously and recognise our extensive due diligence and qualification process to become a prospective franchise partner is not for everyone.

We do guarantee however that our franchise partners benefit from the support and guidance of some seriously experienced people in the franchising world. Members of our team have built quality national and international franchise networks and have also owned successful operations as franchisees themselves. We understand the challenges that all business owners, including franchisees, face and have built a seamless model with world class systems and ongoing support to match.

We believe in recruiting only the best.

Prospective franchise business partners must share our food and environment ethos, as well as our business culture and values. We also only consider prospective franchise partners with a proven business record and hospitality experience. If you have a strong business background, hospitality experience, and want to make the world a better place - we would love to hear from you. Funding packages are available to all successful franchise candidates.

We believe in building and developing our people internally.

Our goal is for all franchise business partners to become multi-venue operators. If though, you share our values however lack the necessary experience required to open your first venue, feel free to get in touch to apply for our Franchise Development Program* - a minimum 12 month paid internship designed to provide you the tools and experience to own and operate your own successful franchise. Funding packages are available to all successful franchise candidates making the funding process simple for those who complete the program.

*Applicants are subject to a stringent approval process. In order to be eligible for the Franchise Development Program candidates must be 25+ and have demonstrated exceptional performance in their education and / or career.

We believe in business with kindness.

As a progressive brand, we are always on the lookout for like minded entrepreneurs to partner with across many facets of the business. If you feel you can contribute in any way to the goals of The Good Place to make the world a better and healthier place, please reach out to us and we will put you in touch with a member of our team to get a conversation started.

Why our customers love us

All of our Australian venues use 100% renewable energy

Thank you for taking interest in becoming a part of The Good Place.


  1. ENQUIRY Complete the enquiry form at the bottom of this page.
  2. APPLY We will email you a copy of our franchise prospectus for you to learn more about us, as well as a link to submit more information so we can learn more about you. Our recruitment team will review your application including a video pre-interview questionnaire and contact you to determine if you’re a suitable applicant to move forward. Once you have been qualified by our recruitment team, a face to face interview or video conference will be organised with one or more of our executive team to sign off on your application.
  3. NON-DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT Once we have reviewed and accepted your application, we will send you a copy of our Franchise Disclosure Kit. This will provide you with a detailed explanation of our Franchise Model to enable you to determine whether this is the right business opportunity for you. You will also be introduced to our Development Team to answer any questions you may have resulting from the documentation.
  4. REVIEW THE OPPORTUNITY If at this point you are interested in progressing further, it is a great time to consider your finance options. We offer an internal finance package including vendor financing, or you may approach your own financial institution or contact us for a recommendation on an independent franchise finance broker who may be able to assist you.
  5. DUE DILIGENCE It is vital if we reach this stage, that you undertake your own independent assessment of this franchise opportunity. We recommend you seek legal, accounting and business advice, speak with current franchise partners and ask us every question that arises to get a complete understanding of this business venture. We will require your full business plan at this point including but not limited to:
  • - Feasibility Study
  • - 5 Year Financial Plan
  • - Local Marketing Plan

*Templates are provided for all of the above.

  1. MEET OUR TEAM Our face-to-face meeting is designed to allow us to get to know each other better. We will discuss your submitted business plan, ask about your goals, answer any questions you may have and discuss in detail whether The Good Place is the right opportunity for you. Following this meeting our Development Team will meet with our board to review your full application including supporting documentation and interview notes.
  2. COMMITMENT Should the board approve your full application and we agree that we are the ideal fit, we will send you a conditional approval letter to outline the next steps. We will also ask you to sign a Franchise Offer to confirm your commitment to The Good Place. At this point, you will be required to pay a deposit so that we can move forward in issuing documents. If you have opted for our vendor financing option, you will be required to execute a guarantee in place of the deposit before proceeding.
  3. SIGNING ON Once we have agreed on your new site, we will need to formalise our arrangements. We will provide you with an estimate of your investment requirements and if you are happy with this, we will instruct our solicitors to draw up your final Franchise Agreement. The balance of your franchise fees will be payable upon signing your Agreement. If you have opted for vendor financing, you will be required to execute loan documents for the disbursement of the franchise fees.
  4. TRAINING The next 8 weeks will be spent in intensive training. This will include 2 weeks in Sydney learning our systems and meeting our full support team and supply partners; 4 weeks in an existing venue, and; a further 2 weeks operating under the close guidance of one of our approved franchise partners. You must complete this training, sign yourself as “confident” and be signed off by our Training Team as “competent” in order to be granted a franchise. At the end of this training period, we are officially Franchise Business Partners.
  5. DESIGN & BUILD While you are participating in your training program, our building team will be busy in the background designing and fitting-out your new venue in time for your business launch.
  6. TRADE We provide a team of professionals to assist in the successful launch of your venue including a dedicated Franchise Support Manager. All of our FSM’s have previously owned and operated their own successful food franchise business and have been appointed to this role specifically for their common understanding of being a Franchise Business Partner. The franchise relationship is of utmost importance to us: We have the highest expectations of ourselves and expect the same of our partners. From commencement of trade, we will conduct a number of audits with you to ensure the commercial success of the venue. It is critical that we work together to resolve any issues or concerns immediately.

    From here, we promote continual self improvement and development through quarterly business plan submissions and monthly reviews with our board. We work closely with you to continually audit the financials and operations of the business - assisting in developing improvement plans should the business be under performing, and providing daily support of “at-risk” venues. We then continually develop our partners, assisting in the planning and growth of successful operators to become multi-venue operators. Our priority is the success of every venue and franchise partner, and our goal is for every partner to own multiple venues: We have this goal in mind from day one of trade and ensure our assistance, support and planning is specifically and intentionally building a realistic path towards this.

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