Detested the Shepard avocado in the past? We think we can change your mind.

If you’ve dined with us before, you’d know that we are BIG fans of smashed avo. 

Smashed avo on gluten-free Turkish bread, smashed avo and chilli scramble, smashed avo on paleo bread and smashed avo as a side to basically anything!

Now if you’re a fan of serving up avocado at home, then you may have noticed the Shepard variety hitting supermarket shelves. Known for its dense texture, green skin and pear shaped body, the Shepard avocado is usually the bud of everyone’s jokes this time of year (being less popular than its competitor the Hass avocado). However, this little green source of healthy fats and micronutrients has officially come into season and here are a few reasons why we’re excited.

Shepards are only grown in Queensland: 

Yep, that’s right, they’re Queenslanders! Grown predominantly throughout North and Central Queensland, these green fruits are a Sunshine State world exclusive (meaning they are grown nowhere else in the world). This means stocking up on Shepards supports Queensland farmers, the local economy and cuts carbon emissions from transportation! 

Shepards don’t go brown:

Working in the hospitality industry, we get especially excited about this. If you’ve ever made fresh guac and left it in the fridge overnight, you’d know that avocado doesn’t keep well. You can scrap the brown layer off but it’s never really as good. Being able to use Shepherds in our venues and seal tight the leftovers to keep cold in our industry level refrigerators overnight, means a whole lot less wastage. Which is what we’re all about. Being kind to the environment and reducing our wastage at every possible opportunity.

 Shepards are healthy for you:

Avocados are naturally full of healthy monounsaturated fats. These fats help to curb cravings by releasing hormones that let our bodies know we are full. Healthy fats consumed within a balanced diet can help promote healthy glowing skin and reduce cholesterol. 

Another funky fact about avocados is that they’re perfectly balanced to help your body absorb their nutrients. For example, avocado is high in vitamin E but to absorb vitamin E, the body needs vitamin C. Luckily, avocados are also packed with vitamin C, so your body can take in these nutrients efficiently. You can read more about this dynamic at Dieticians Australia. 

Shepherds are in season right now, and like all the produce in our venues, we make use of what’s in season in our local areas. So you can expect to be eating Shepard avocado whilst dining at The Good Place over the next few months. If you’re cooking at home, consider adding these locally grown fruits to your grocery list. Farmers in Queensland (especially the Central West) have had a testing year of low rainfall and as a result are doing it tough. We can help by ensuring we’re buying products from them, instead of produce that’s imported from interstate or overseas.

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