The Good Place restaurants are driven by great team members who believe in Good cuisine for everybody.

The Good Place is the only fast casual chain in Australia with a holistic health offering, ticking all of the boxes in sustainability, low sugar and 100% gluten free, with vegan options.

We are also leading the way through our awareness of food sovereignty. Taking special care to select proteins which are sustainable and ethically raised/treated – we are leading the way for a new generation of ‘conscious diners’.

the good place restaurant franchise


We are driven by our purpose of revitalising lives and improving physical and mental wellbeing, while leaving behind a better world for the generations to come.


We are always acutely aware of our food sovereignty, and take special care to select proteins which are sustainable and ethically raised/treated. Our food sovereignty and our ecological footprint are non-negotiable, in that we won’t compromise, only explore ways to improve. We believe in doing business with kindness, carefully selecting suppliers and business partners who align to our vision of ‘doing good’.


Collectively we have a rare opportunity to make an impact in the food and health landscape within Australia and perhaps further afeld. The current food guidelines and Western diet have not served us well, and have led to a widespread ill-health and disease.


The Good Place is driven by providing good service in a friendly, relaxing environment whilst serving delicious healthy food.

It’s not about reinventing the wheel but more about leaning on older philosophies and approaches to nutrition….ones which served our ancestors well.

the ethical and responsible values at the good place restaurant sunshine coast