The Good Place believes a diet rich in real food is the key to health and longevity. As such, we have developed a menu that is gluten free, low sugar, soy free, and non GMO. We also deeply consider the sovereignty of food to ensure the plants, proteins and fats we use are organic where possible and sustainably & ethically sourced.


Conscious dining with a relaxed, friendly and welcoming ambiance. I’m humbled to introduce you to our place – The Good Place. Welcome.






No matter your food preference, our delicious whole-food menu has something for everyone.
The Good Place provides a delicious dining experience for ethical, health-conscious diners. Our menu showcases delicious food that is actually beneficial to your health and the environment.
Discover our mouthwatering menu.


To promote kindness, revitalise lives and improve wellbeing by transforming food choices.
Our vision is a world where people take pride in what they eat, live sustainably and provide their bodies with nutritious whole-foods that not only serve their health, but their local community and global environment also


Next stop, Cleveland!

Has a little birdy told you that The Good Place is expanding to South Brisbane? Well, that little birdy would be correct. We are so

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